Our Culture & History

Complete Customer Service is our #1 Goal

A leader in first class OTR and dedicated transportation services. We services all U.S. Markets with our experienced dedicated fleet. With our dedication to safety and on-time delivery - Choose Modular!

Safety First

Custom Styling Modular Transportation's management team always has and will continue to embrace the philosophy of "Safety First". The efficiency of any operation can be measured directly by its ability to operate safely and control loss. Accidents resulting in personal injury, damage to property and equipment represent needless suffering and waste. Any person that forsakes safety in the name of "getting the job done" is not doing the whole job. It is the responsibility of every person at Modular Transportation to maintain the safest conditions and equipment at all times.

Our Drivers Safety will always be our top priority. Modular Transportation is continually updating our equipment with the best safety technology available:

+Collision Mitigation Systems

+Adaptive Cruise Control

+Lane Departure Warning Systems

+Automatic Traction Control

+Electronic Stability Systems

+Implementing Automated Transmissions


Our History

Robert Stouten

Founder, Modular Transportation Co.

Modular Transportation has been in the transportation business since 1969. We have established ourselves within the transportation industry as a leader in first class OTR and dedicated transportation services. We conduct our business with integrity and focus on the needs of our customers.

We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards, and have an open door policy that is second to none. We take pride in the many drivers that have been with us for over 30 years, and office associates that have found a home with Modular for over 23 years.